Aperol Spritz ( Low Alcohol)

Aperol orange liqueur, Prosecco, soda

Light & refreshing with a touch of bitter

Benedictine Cucumberpatch

Cucumber gin, lemon, Benedictine, honey

We love a good pun.

The drink’s great too.

Blood and Feathers

TDP Marmalade whisky, sweet vermouth, cherry brandy

Our own marmalade whisky is the star here.

Coffee & Donuts

Donut-infused rum, coffee, caramel, cinnamon

Two of our favourite things in one glass.


Dead Parrot rum blend, lime, cane syrup

Don’t know what to drink?

Start here. It’s awesome.

Diamond Rickey (Lower Alcohol)

Gin, grapefruit essence, lime, soda

Hugely refreshing with bags of citrus.

Electric Daisy

Dead Parrot pesto gin, citrus, fino sherry, apricot

Pesto? In a cocktail?

Yes, we’re sure.


Fruity rose wine, Dead Parrot berry cordial

Frozen rose wine from the slushie machine!

Frozen G&T

Gin, tonic syrup, lemon sherbet. Slushed.

Ice cold refreshment!

G&Tea Spritz

Green tea gin, vermouth, lemon sherbet, Prosecco

Citrusy fizzy sophistication.

Grasshopper (Lower Alcohol)

White chocolate liqueur, creme de menthe, milk, cocoa dust

Creamy mint-choc

Gunpowder & Smoke

Monkey Shoulder whisky, spices, gunpowder tea, fire & smoke

Aromatic, herbal, smokey

Only Mules & Horses

TDP Five-spiced vodka, lime, aromatic bitters, ginger beer

Zesty & refreshing, with a hint of spice.


Blanco tequila, seltzer, grapefruit & lime sherbet

Bags of citrus. Ultimate refreshment.

Princess Peach (Alcohol Free)

Peach, passionfruit, lemon, soda

Tropical, refreshing, zesty

Ron Jeremy

Vanilla rum, passion fruit vodka, pineapple, citrus, Prosecco

The ultimate Porn Star.

Rum Bongo

Dead Parrot rum blend, Um Bongo, banana brolly

Served in the carton.

Yes. The actual carton.

Rye ‘n’ Gosling

Rye whiskey, Gosling’s rum, maple syrup, chocolate bitters

Rich and smooth.

Like Ryan himself.


Bourbon, aromatic bitters, absinthe rinse, lemon zest

Aromatic & strong.

This is a proper drink.

Super-Froot (Alcohol Free)

Cranberry, pomegranate, lime, gojiberry

Red berries with a hint of lime.